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Web Design



Software Development




Our team services covers the designing, development, commissioning and maintenance of customized software (suiteconnect 7) for corporate clients and individual persons.

We develop software for planning, registration, tracking, scheduling, operation, financial, key performance indicator (KPI) or performance monitoring, inventory as well as executive statistics.

We also provide designing, developing and authoring of web site pages and contents.

Website Maintenance Services

Once your website is complete what happens to the content, the management and maintenance of your website? If your site’s design requires updating we can help. If your website requires full site management, or the design and or content require ongoing maintenance and updates, softexperia is your choice. Softexperia understands your frustration and the need for a company you can deal with that is reliable and affordable.

Why do you need Website Maintenance Services?

The creation of a successful web presence is not straightforward, but the Website Management services provided by softexperia takes away much of the strain – leaving you free to run your business.  [ Read more . . . ]


We develop our software (suiteconnect 7) using the following operating systems, tools and databases:.

Operating System


Development Tools

Visual Basic.



MS SQL Server

MS Access.


Client Server

Server based

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