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Suiteconnect 7 – ‘Windows 8 Start’ screen, ver. 3


To get the very best out of using your computer, you will want to install apps and programs. These can be anything from games to file and photo sharing and technical or financial apps, which are all handled with the suiteconnect 7 program. You can access them all from suiteconnect 7 selected screens. Here you see the ‘Windows 8 Start’ screen.

It is the strength and variety of apps and programs that make WIndows flexible and powerful, and can allow people to use their computers for whatever tasks they wish from entertainment to work.

While your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 computer comes with great apps including mail, photos, music and messaging, you will propably want to install more apps onto it, and even programs that run on the Windows desktop. That is even more so if you already have software that you want to use and that you are comfortable with at this time.

Suiteconnect 7 makes it easier than ever before to find and use software with the new ‘Find as you type‘ search utility, which can be launched from any start screen, including ‘Windows 8 Start’ screen, ver. 3. Many windows & suiteconnect 7 apps (Find as you type, Communication, People, Calendar, Links, Internet, Favorites, E-mail, SC7 Apps, Folders, Issues, Reminders, Office Automation) can be found here. Not only does this make apps simple to find, but it also makes the process of working easier.

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