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We promise our clients that if they want, we will train them on how to use their website to it’s fullest capacity and become a reliable marketing tool for their business.

How Much Do You Charge

All things take time and expertise to do right. About the price of a website, we will discuss with with you and ask you questions about others sites that you like, other sites that you don’t like, what goals you have for your business, what experience do you want your website clients to have. To keep the cost down for our clients, we do the initial research for platforms, templates and themes and give you alternatives based on your budget & requirements.


We make sure that your website has a natural flow of human interaction.  Nothing is more frustrating than getting somewhere on a website and not knowing how to get back. This is not the case with our websites.

How is Your Design Going to Help Me With My Business Goals?

A website design project is just a tool. You should set your goals and you need to ask us how we’ll help you achieve them.

You’re better off setting realistic goals. We will help you come up with these goals.

Some goals you should consider:

  • We’d like to increase the overall revenue generated from our website by 20%.
  • We’d like to increase the visitors from our newsletter campaign to our landing page by 20%.
  • We’d like to get 20% more newsletter subscribers within the next 6 months.
  • We’d like to increase our average order value by 20%.
  • We would like to reduce our bounce rate on page X by 20%.


All this said, sometimes the goals of a new website design or redesign are related to things that can’t be easily measured like increasing awareness of a brand or spreading a message.



Here are some examples of our work.



hellenic-land_2 copy






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